PowerSkin for iPhone 5 featured Internationally

ASCII.JP, Japan’s biggest 3C magazine recently featured the PowerSkin for the iPhone 5. This picture-heavy review details some of the best features of this popular PowerSkin:

  • Easy-to-grip body
  • Slim, 16 mm design (our thinnest to date)
  • Built in 1500 mAh battery

The article also has a video, along with a breakdown of how much more power you can expect from the pack, and a really nice comparison of our last iPhone case, versus the PowerSkin for the iPhone 5.

Check out the article here (please note, it is in Japanese)

To pick up your own PowerSkin for iPhone 5, visit our site.

Awesome Phones Still Need Power

Just a few years ago, could you imagine you would be spending so much time on your smartphone? Could you fathom watching Netflix, Skyping with family or running meetings with an app, all from a 4 or 5 inch screen? Whatever the usage, everyone can agree that smartphones have come a long way…hence a problem.

Smartphones are awesome, and it’s absolutely amazing to me that you can have so much computing power and storage space available in a device you can hold in your hand. But the down side it, that much computing power requires, well, regular power. i.e., battery power. And it drains those suckers something fierce. So to help avoid being stranded at a train station or on a picnic or whatever with a dead device, it’s not a bad idea to have a little booster handy. [B]ut having a second case with some extra power is a nice option that I like to have as well … like with the new Blackberry Z10 PowerSkin Battery Case.—Douglas Moran, GearDiary

Forget carrying around extra cords or cables—the PowerSkin gives you the extra power boost you need to get through the day. Forget about keeping yourself tethered to various charging devices—PowerSkin can let you go beyond the cord. And with the new PowerSkin for BlackBerry® Z10, you can have it all.

PhoneArena Checks Out Z10 Case

John V of smartphone site PhoneArena.com took a moment to showcase our newest PowerSkin—the PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Z10.

Like the many others before it, the PowerSkin BlackBerry Z10 Battery Case is a familiar looking thing, as it employs that distinct soft touch finish. Of course, it’s nice that the case gives off a very grippy feel in the hand – and not to mention an overall clean finish that does okay to repel any fingerprints and smudges.—John V, PhoneArena

This PowerSkin was specifically created to give BlackBerry Z10 users the power they wanted in a case that they needed, along with NFC technology, all in our slim, modern design.

Check out the original article by clicking here, the video is also available on Youtube and get your own PowerSkin for BlackBerry Z10 at our website.

Z10 Case on Blackberryed

While there are many cases out there, PowerSkin uniquely combines an external battery pack with a soft, silicone case. In 2013, we’re releasing many cases in our modern, contemporary and sleek design. Blackberryed.com, a blog devoted to all things BlackBerry, featured the case and focused on this particular feature.

I’ve personally only seen a couple of cases that have this type of functionality but none that look this clean and sleek. I’ve never really liked the bulkiness of the otterbox cases and this reminds me of it.—Blackberryed.com

If interested in picking up a case of your own, please visit the BlackBerry Z10 PowerSkin on our website. And, if you’d like to see the original article on Blackberryed.com, click here.

PowerSkin for Z10 Featured on BlackBerry Empire

BlackberryEmpire.com got their hands on our recent release, the PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Z10. Providing an in-depth look at the device (and a hands-on review, with pictures), Michael H. had this to say about the device:

This case was built for power users that want that extra battery juice but also want to keep their device protected at the same time. The PowerSkin case for the Z10 is built with the latest technology, something you do not see in cases that much. I love that I can talk on the phone, go to the gym, movies or anywhere my phone goes it is being charged by the case, no wires.—Michael H, BlackberryEmpire.com

We couldn’t agree with Michael more—the PowerSkin is a great option for users who want power and protection. Get yours here.

For the original article, please visit BlackBerryEmpire’s coverage of PowerSkin.