PowerSkin for Z10 Featured on BlackBerry Empire

BlackberryEmpire.com got their hands on our recent release, the PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Z10. Providing an in-depth look at the device (and a hands-on review, with pictures), Michael H. had this to say about the device:

This case was built for power users that want that extra battery juice but also want to keep their device protected at the same time. The PowerSkin case for the Z10 is built with the latest technology, something you do not see in cases that much. I love that I can talk on the phone, go to the gym, movies or anywhere my phone goes it is being charged by the case, no wires.—Michael H, BlackberryEmpire.com

We couldn’t agree with Michael more—the PowerSkin is a great option for users who want power and protection. Get yours here.

For the original article, please visit BlackBerryEmpire’s coverage of PowerSkin.