What are PowerSkins?
PowerSkins are protective silicone cases with a built-in rechargeable battery. They extend the life of your smartphone, providing a protective cover and a permanent power supply when you need it most.

Who makes PowerSkins and why?
PowerSkins are made by XPAL Power, Inc. with the intention of providing products and services that allow people to enjoy life without worrying about power.

Why are PowerSkins so unique?
PowerSkin is the only soft rubber case to provide more battery life for your smartphone. It is made with soft yet durable recycled silicone rubber. This creates a lightweight and form-fitting protective skin that includes a built-in rechargeable battery.

Can I leave a PowerSkin on my phone all the time?
Absolutely! PowerSkin is a silicone case that offers a permanent secondary power source that extends your battery life so it lasts all day long. At night, you can recharge both the case and the phone simultaneously by plugging it into your computer or wall charger.

How is my smartphone’s camera lens accommodated by my PowerSkin?
Your PowerSkin has an optically engineered camera lens window that does not interfere with your camera.

Do PowerSkins work on all smartphones?
Each PowerSkin was designed for a specific smartphone brand and model, though we have found that some newer models can accommodate more than one smartphone.

How much thickness will my PowerSkin add to my smartphone?
Each PowerSkin is designed differently, but typically it will add around 8mm of thickness to your phone.