PhoneArena Checks Out Z10 Case

John V of smartphone site took a moment to showcase our newest PowerSkin—the PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Z10.

Like the many others before it, the PowerSkin BlackBerry Z10 Battery Case is a familiar looking thing, as it employs that distinct soft touch finish. Of course, it’s nice that the case gives off a very grippy feel in the hand – and not to mention an overall clean finish that does okay to repel any fingerprints and smudges.—John V, PhoneArena

This PowerSkin was specifically created to give BlackBerry Z10 users the power they wanted in a case that they needed, along with NFC technology, all in our slim, modern design.

Check out the original article by clicking here, the video is also available on Youtube and get your own PowerSkin for BlackBerry Z10 at our website.