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PowerSkins are protective silicone cases with a built-in rechargeable battery. They extend the life of your smartphone, providing a protective cover and a permanent power supply when you need it most.
PowerSkins are made by XPAL Power, Inc. with the intention of providing products and services that allow people to enjoy life without worrying about power.
PowerSkin is the only soft rubber case to provide more battery life for your smartphone. It is made with soft yet durable recycled silicone rubber. This creates a lightweight and form-fitting protective skin that includes a built-in rechargeable battery
Absolutely! PowerSkin is a silicone case that offers a permanent secondary power source that extends your battery life so it lasts all day long. At night, you can recharge both the case and the phone simultaneously by plugging it into your computer or wall charger.
In iOS6, Apple did not have a specific restriction for simultaneous charging of the PowerSkin and Apple product, so the PowerSkin was able to charge and discharge at the same time when connected to a PC USB port. However, with the new iOS7 update simultaneous charging is restricted. As a result, the PowerSkin will not charge and discharge at the same time if connected to a PC USB port as a power source. You are still able to use a USB wall charger to support simultaneous charging. Alternatively, you may charge the PowerSkin and iPhone separately when using a PC USB port.
Your PowerSkin has an optically engineered camera lens window that does not interfere with your camera.
Each PowerSkin is designed differently, but typically it will add around 8mm of thickness to your phone.
Both are excellent ways to use your PowerSkin! One of the great features of PowerSkin is that you can use both options. In other words, whichever works better for you and your lifestyle is the better way.

Using My PowerSkin


Your PowerSkin knows to charge your smartphone first and then itself. Just in case you don't have the time to charge both, your smartphone comes first.
Your PowerSkin alone should take 3-4 hours to fully charge. If you are charging your PowerSkin and smartphone together it will take up to 6 hours to receive a full charge.
Your PowerSkin always drains first. This will maintain a charge on your phone for as long as possible.
No. All PowerSkins have the required power/battery certifications.
We highly recommend using the cable included in the package to re-charge your PowerSkin. The cable is specifically designed to charge PowerSkins.
The LED lights located on the back of your product indicate 2 things:

1) Charging - When you are charging your PowerSkin, the LED lights will blink to indicate the initiation of charging mode. Starting from left to right, the lights will turn on. If your PowerSkin is fully charged, all 4 LED lights will remain constant or on.

2) Battery Status - If you press the on/off button once quickly, the LED lights will show the power level of your PowerSkin.
  • 1 LED light = ~25%
  • 2 LED lights = ~50%
  • 3 LED lights = ~75%
  • 4 LED lights = ~100% (full charge)
It is located on the back of the PowerSkin. Press the PowerSkin on/off button until the charging begins or stops (hold for 3-5 seconds or more). Note: AP1501MYT and AP1502HD7 do not feature an on/off button. The button on the back is used as a battery check only.
To recharge your PowerSkin, simply insert the tip of the charging cable into the micro-USB port of your PowerSkin, and then plug the USB plug into any computer or any USB adapter wall charger.
No, your PowerSkin case is built for protection. The case will not damage your smartphone. This only applies if you are using your PowerSkin in accordance with the manual.
Your PowerSkin uses a specially formulated lithium polymer battery cell with safe circuitry to ensure safe charging of your case and smartphone.
Your PowerSkin uses a soft, 100% recycled, silicone-rubber mix that is weather-, scuff-, and fingerprint-resistant.
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PowerSkin PoP'n


PoP’n provides power you can hear! Our suction cup design makes it easy to stick PoP’n on many popular smartphone models and even on many external cases.
PoP’n is able to charge most smartphones! PoP’n has six different connectors and cables to choose from: 2 Micro-USB Connectors for both orientations, 2 Micro-USB cables for offset bottom ports and side ports, an Apple® 30-pin Connector, or an Apple® Lightning ™ Connector.
Some cases may prevent PoP’n’s connector or cable from making a connection. The PoP’n Tip Connector is about 1x0.25 inches and the cables are about 0.5x0.25 inches. You’ll want to make sure that your case allows enough space around the smartphone’s connector port for PoP’n to make a full connection.
PoP’n can stick to most flat and non-porous surfaces, but the best way to check is to put it to the test! If any suction cup sticks to your phone there’s a pretty good chance PoP’n will too!
Your PoP’n may have gotten a bit dirty. Try using regular scotch tape to clean the suction cups.
Depending on your smartphone and how you position PoP’n, it may cover your camera, but it generally doesn’t cover any of the ports or connectors. You can always pop PoP’n on or off if you need to take a quick picture!
Yes! PoP’n has a Micro-USB cable that can accommodate phones with side ports.
To find out which Flex Tip connector will work for you please refer to our handy PoP’n Finder.
No. Use the cable included in the product package to re-charge your PoP’n. The cable is specifically designed to charge PoP’n.
Your PoP’n uses a specially formulated lithium polymer battery cell with XPAL’s power-safe circuitry to ensure safe charging of your charger and smartphone.



Not a problem. Sometimes the electronics and the battery in your smartphone and case are working extra hard to provide you with the power you need and may get warm.
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When your PowerSkin is on, it is constantly working to make sure your smartphone is charged. Do not worry though, because you can't overcharge your phone when using PowerSkin's advanced XPAL battery.
Your PowerSkin works much like a wall charger. If your PowerSkin is turned on, it will charge your phone constantly, because even when your phone is not in use, it is draining power.

Shipping & Handling


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