Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

Times are changing and with a mobile lifestyle we all have a need to stay connected. One of the essentials we hold in our pockets and purses before we leave the house is our smartphone. Without a doubt, even the best type and highest quality smartphones run out of battery. Given smartphone’s multi-functionality and a number of apps we all like to use, it’s no surprise that phones run out of battery quickly. With that said, we should all a little about conserving our phone battery so we stay connected all if not, most of the day. Here are 10 quick and easy tips we have found to be very helpful.

1. Lower your phone’s screen brightness
2. Turn off Vibration
3. Keep a check on your location/GPS Tracking
4. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you don’t need them
5. Turn off notifications from unnecessary apps
6. Close apps when you’re done with them
7. Maintain a cool temperature
8. Keep your screen timeout low
9. Avoid using flash while taking photos
10. And last but not least, keep a PowerSkin portable charger handy

Smartphone Travel Safety Tips



Traveling this holiday week? I’m sure most of you are. After all, Thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year.  While you’re out there battling the crowds at the airport, here are a few smartphone travel safety tips  to keep you and your phones, tablets, and even laptops safe during this busy travel season.

Don’t forget, most of your tech devices are connected to your bank accounts, your cars, your homes, alarm systems. The want for connectivity and ease and simplification has left the window wide open for hackers.

Always keep your security and malware software up to date. Especially when you’re traveling. This includes your smartphone. Nowadays, most smartphones come standard with built in safety technologies (like fingerprint scanner, photo recognition, password protection). Take the time to set it ALL up.  It only takes a few minutes and the more barrier you have protecting your information, the better.

What about cloud storage? I know, we’ve heard in the news every other day about celebrities getting their photos stolen, well, it’s true, it can happen, so here’s what we suggest. Don’t automatically back EVERYTHING up to your cloud storage. Use discretion. If it’s personal information you’re sending “up there”, it can get hacked. Be careful with saved emails with valuable information, and if you’re a celebrity…. nude pics of yourself.

NEVER, and this is a big one…. never use public WiFi networks. This means at Starbucks, at airports, at restaurants, etc. Those networks are unprotected and your information can be stolen in the blink of an eye (here’s a crazy video how). Here’s what you should do. If you’re leaving the country, as soon as you get to your destination, get one of their SIM cards, that way you can use that credible carrier’s network. That’s much more affordable than dealing with stolen info. Also, if you’re in the states, get a mobile hot spot.

NEVER use public charging stations. These are notorious for stealing information before your even know it, and you know what else? Just because you disconnect, the infection isn’t gone. Your information will continue to be stolen. We suggest portable chargers- they even make them for laptops. We’re particularly fond of our PowerSkin ones. :)

I think the most important thing is simply, common sense. If you’re not sure, don’t do it. Don’t go on web pages you’re not sure of. Don’t log into any wifi network just because it’s open and free. Would you stand out on a street corner shouting your social security number to the world? It’s sort of the same thing. Keep your personal information private and implement security measures.

Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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New battery charger for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus!


PowerSkin PoP’n 2 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is here…. and why is it awesome? Because it’s an external battery pack that actually suctions to your phone while you charge it and when you’re done, you just pop it right off! So if you like the look of your iPhone and don’t want to cover it up with a battery case, this charger is for you!

Unlike other battery packs, PoP’n 2 lets you pick up your phone….with one hand…and use the phone with one hand…. while it’s charging…. without having to worry about your battery pack dangling somewhere down below, ready to rip out of the charging port.

PoP’n 2 uses a bunch of tiny patented suction cups to securely stick on your phone, without leaving any marks or residue once it’s done it’s job.

As you can see, PoP’n 2 is pretty small. It easily sits in your purse, briefcase, or pocket. 2.1 amp charging equipped, PoP’n 2 actually charges iPhones faster than most other battery cases out there.

Right now, when you buy your PoP’n 2 for only $59.99, you get a FREE clear protective case for either iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. We’ve given you the power, we thought we’d throw in a little protection as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or check PoP’n 2 out for yourself HERE!

So what are the crowds saying at IFA 2014??

2014-09-05 10.18.04-1IFA 2014 is officially underway! Our global partners in Taiwan are working there magic, but we must say, those PowerSkin Spare battery cases are doing a pretty good job of selling themselves. Here’s what people are saying…

“The GS5 battery case blew me away, it is incredibly light! And look at the sexy back!”

2014-09-05 14.01.03

“I love your battery charger, I ride the train to the office every morning, this will stop me from freaking out about dead battery before I get in the office”- Cristina, Germany

2014-09-05 13.56.31

Stay tuned for more live coverage of the 2014 IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited show!!

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Have you seen SpinPadGrip on Kickstarter? It’s the revolutionary new way to hold, flip, hand, or carry your tablet?!!

SpinPadGrip is simple, versatile, lightweight, and removable! No more bulky attachments or having to get a new holder when you get a new tablet. SpinPadGrip fits on almost smooth surfaced tablets, regardless of brand or size! That means you won’t have to get a new one each time they come up with a new tablet!

We’re hoping to raise $35,000 to get SpinPadGrip off the ground and into your hands! We want to present a solution that retains the tablet’s sleek convenience, but makes it more ergonomic for comfortable use. 

SpinPadGrip was invented by Paul Robert. He is an avid tablet user, but hated how uncomfortable using it was when it kept slipping from his hands. He began looking for a solution in other tablet stands and handles on the market, but couldn’t find anything that provided an all-in-one solution. Finally, Paul decided to design his own solution that would be compatible with most all tablets and give them the versatility that they deserve.

Become a backer today, visit the link below! 

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Four Surprising Uses For My Battery Case!


Hey there, my name is Kelly, and I am a first time battery case user. Over the last week, my husband and I went on a road trip up to Northern California and I was rather surprised as to the circumstances which actually prompted me to thankfully use my battery case.

Now, let me first be honest with you. I am a PowerSkin employee… I do social media and marketing, BUT I have never used one of our cases before. Why? We didn’t have a case for my old phone. I got the new Galaxy S5 a few months ago and it wasn’t until I actually saw our new Galaxy S5 battery cases that I thought maybe I’d put it on my phone. It was pretty, that was the deciding factor, not the extra power.

So, as our road trip progressed, there were actually several instances where I unexpectedly, but thankfully, used  my battery case. These circumstances were far from the typical, “do more emailing, more texting, etc.” These were real life, situations that I hadn’t even thought of needing more power for. Let’s see if you can relate or have any similar experience of your own!

Staying at hotels/ B&B- Believe it or not, a few of the places we stayed at during our adventure didn’t have an accessible plug near the bed for me to plug my phone into at night to charge. I will confess, I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to being separated from my main communication source and felt bothered about leaving it in another room to charge or somewhere out of arms reach. It needed to charge, so, I turned on my case and let that keep my phone powered during the night. I didn’t have to worry about the phone going dead before dawn and I knew I could charge the case again on the road or in the morning or something. I actually used this method several times.

GPS Using- We went on several day hikes into the wilderness… even a llama treck… and me being me, I wanted to know where we were all the time. Obviously, leaving my GPS on is imperative for map studying, but it lowers the battery. Turning my battery case on let me not worry about my battery. Battery extending case= no battery worry= more map studying= more hiking= happy wife. :)

Photo Taking- Let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to drive though Napa, do it! It’s simply beautiful there and I don’t even like wine! Anyways, beautiful scenery means many photos which of course must be posted on Facebook. Repeated photo taking actually eats up a lot of battery and as I constantly had my phone half way out the window snapping pics, simultaneous car charging wasn’t an option, either. Turn on battery case= battery drainage issue solved.

Simply forgetting to charge- Yes, I would forget to charge my phone. Not at night- I always charge every night (if there’s a plug near by), but during the day, even while sitting in the car, I’d forget. By the afternoon after lots of photo taking, GPS tracking, a little Facebook posting, and a few phone calls, the battery would be low….. around 35%. When it gets to that point and there are still hours left in the day, I start to squirm. So, to alleviate that, I’d turn on the case which would safely buy me a few more hours until I reached a power source.

So, my overall thoughts are…. I didn’t use the case all the time. Yes, it was on my phone all the time, but I really only turned it on when I needed it. But it really was a relief to have. You don’t really think about power until you need it and it was nice to have basically an extra built-in power source right there. Did I find the battery case heavy? No. Bulky? No. Did it still fit in the back pocket of my skinny jeans? Yes!! Does it look cool? Yes!!

If you aren’t a battery case person, try one out. You might actually be surprised, just as I was, at how comforting it actually is to have that little bit of extra power for your phone. Also, having a super sleek and expensive looking case didn’t hurt either!




PowerSkin Spare battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5!


PowerSkin® Spare battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5 coming August!

Get excited for an ultra-slim .23 inch design, 2200mAh battery, and exclusive XPAL Inside™ safety technologies! More battery life for your GS5 Smartphone!

The new high-performance battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is the second addition to the PowerSkin Spare line of ultra-thin, ultra-sexy battery cases.

PSK-SPARE-GS5-WE_BACK_061614Built to flawlessly replicate the GS5’s streamline curves, electroplated accents, and soft-touch textured back, this powerful one-piece battery case is purely seamless!

Featuring 2200 mAh of power, PowerSkin Spare for GS5 provides up to 230Hrs of standby time and up to 12.5Hrs talk time.Weighing only .17lbs, Spare is ultra-light, making it one of the lightest battery cases on the market.

The Galaxy S5 case features a custom indent space for the GS5 charging port cover, front facing blue LED charging lights, and an ergonomically designed on/off button.


Exclusive XPAL Inside™ technologies include: short circuit/overcharge protection, heat channels for heat dissipation, pass-through charging (i.e.: device is charged first, followed by the case when plugged in), and flame retardant- UV coating industry leading 94 v-0 rating.

More information will be available on our website soon!

For media questions or review inquiries, please contact Kelly at

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